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Booklet: “Identity in a Networked World” available online at

Booklet: Identity in a Networked World

The booklet: Identity in a Networked World is now available online:

"The digitisation of identity may be regarded as a bottleneck in the engagement of citizens with Information Society services. Identity in such environment plays a central role and more and more tools are required to manage identity and deliver suitable services. Management of identity will constitute one of the first challenges for the future Europe in terms of mobility, accessibility and interoperability in order to facilitate online navigation and social (digital) interactions between European citizens in the Information Society. Personal information will be digitized and the Internet extension to home and mobile networks, the multiplication of modes of connection and types of gateway, will make the individual the central point. The future of identity then is a key element for the emerging Information Society; it represents the main vehicle of the cyber-citizen in this new digital environment."

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16.08.2007 16:51 Age: 11 Jahre