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The annual Conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection

The annual Conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection aims to create a bridge between policymakers, academics, practitioners and activists. The objective of the Conference is threefold: 1. Identifying and addressing new challenges to be faced by computer privacy and data protection, especially with regards to issues related to profiling and autonomic computing. 2 Bringing together, in a high level expertise conference, most of the academic key specialists in the field, data protection commissioners, computer scientists, practitioners, activists and people from standardization bodies and ICT industries and 3 Addressing recommendations to private and public policy makers in the context of the E.U. Privacy Law and the E.U. Data Protection Directive Review.

This year the CPDP conference addressed the issue of ‘Data Protection in a Profiled World’. There will be 12 panel sessions and one parallel reading panel on ‘Autonomic Computing, Human Identity and Legal Subjectivity’ (pre registration necessary).  For more information about registrations and the programme, please visit the website of the conference:

24.11.2008 17:21 Age: 11 Jahre