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Press Release: FIDIS urges mobile users to be aware of data disclosure

…Research from Future of Identity in the Information Society highlights the information many of us may unknowingly give away on a day-to-day basis…

At a time when privacy issues are higher on the news agenda than ever, the EU-funded Network of Excellence FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society) is urging users to safeguard their digital identity and privacy, especially when using mobile technologies. With their research, announced today, revealing the staggering amount of information that can be concluded about a person simply by knowing their location via devices such as GPS enabled mobile phones, FIDIS warns that your future job applications, car insurance, and even health insurance could be in jeopardy depending on what information you give away when signing new contracts and downloading the latest applications. The team is particularly concerned that, in the wake of Apple’s ‘Thanks a Billion’ campaign to celebrate the billionth download from the App Store, consumers are still not aware of the potential privacy issues involved with these technologies.[Read More…]

16.05.2009 11:16 Age: 11 Jahre