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Virtual Identitay and Privacy Research Center, Switzerland

The V.I.P Research Centre – Virtual Identity, Privacy and Security – ( belongs to the Department of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Applied Sciences of Bern (BFH-TI) in Bienne, Switzerland. V.I.P is part of "Mobility in the Information Society", a BFH-TI pole of research; it is also member of EEMA and belongs to the "Security and Privacy" pole of ICTnet in Switzerland.

In V.I.P, we value interdisciplinary work. Our group represents a wide range of skills in computer science and applied mathematics. Our subjects of expertise include security and privacy, PETs (privacy enhancing technologies), cryptology, trust and trustworthiness, E-voting and Internet-voting, identities and virtual identities, identification and authentication technologies, (biometric) pseudonyms, anonymization and data mining techniques as well as applied statistics in sensitive environment (for example in the medical domain).

V.I.P is one of the members in the FIDIS consortium. It is also involved in CACE (Computer Aided Cryptography Engineering) another EU project, funded under the 7th Framework Programme.