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Sirrix AG Security Technologies, Germany

Sirrix AG is a spin-off of Saarland University which has been founded in 2000 by members of the chair for security and cryptography of Birgit Pfitzmann. All staff members have strong experience in the fields of security and cryptography. Fields of activities of Sirrix AG are protection of complex heterogeneous communication infrastructures and the design and development of cryptographic protocols, e.g., in the field of identification systems in pervasive computing. The company considers itself on the edge between research and commercial application of security systems. Thus, many activities comprise feasibility studies and development of complex cryptographic protocols. Various cutting edge work has been done on devices for comprehensive ISDN and GSM encryption and prototypes of fully anonymous E-Voting and PDA-based, anonymous E-Cash systems. Moreover we provide cutting-edge solutions in the domain of secure microkernel-based operating systems and trustworthy computing. Sirrix researcher have contributed to more than 30 significant scientific publications within the last two years, mainly in recognized international conferences and journals like Information Hiding, Milcom, Fast Software Encryption, Eurocrypt and others. Further development and research projects include security of integrated networks and cryptographic copyright protection.


You’ll find more information at the Sirrix AG website.