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Karlstad University

Karlstad University (KAU) is located in Värmland, in the center of Sweden. It has around 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, just over 1 000 staff, 70 % of which are lecturers and researchers. It comprises 4 divisions that cover a wide range of scientific, medical and social disciplines. The Department of Computer Science at Karlstad University consists of approximately 25 faculty and staff members. Research within the department is conducted by the three research groups PriSec (Privacy&Security), DISCO (Distributed Systems and Communication) and SERG (Software Engineering Research Group). KAU specializes also on interdisciplinary research projects that elaborate both human and technical aspects of IT in close cooperation with industry through the research platform “HumanIT”.

The PriSec (Privacy and Security) research group at the Computer Science Department consists of one full professor, two associate professors and four PhD students. The research group is mainly conducting research in the areas of network security and privacy-enhancing technologies. The PriSec group has been participating in the EU FP7 projects PrimeLife (Privacy and Identity Management for Life, IP), NEWCOM++ (NoE on New Communication beyond 3G), the FP6 project FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society, NoE). Besides, it participated in the recently finished EU FP6 project PRIME (Privacy and Identity Managemethe for Europe, IP) and in the European CELTIC project BUGYO (Building Security Assurance in Open Infrastructures).