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Budapest University of Technology and Economics Information Society and Trend Research Institute, Hungary

Understanding and communicating the information challenge

This was the motto in January 1998 for the establishment of BME-UNESCO Information Society Research Institute (ITTK), which has by now become an internationally renowned Hungarian institute in the field of information society studies. According to its mission statement, ITTK conducts high-level, independent interdisciplinary research to explore various aspects of the information society, inlcuding recent trends of the information technology revolution and its social, economic, cultural, and political effects.

ITTK’s most characteristic activities are the following:

  • providing professional support for government projects concerning the information society;
  • conducting investigations sponsored mostly by innovation allowances given to companies which are present in the ICT-market (in close co-operation with the companies involved);
  • doing basic research typically financed by national and international funds; and
  • managing its publication program (professional journal, books, etc.).

The Institute is promoting the maturing of a new generation of young research fellows, who are capable of dealing with specific subfields in the realm of the information society, at an internationally acceptable level. At the same time, it intends to communicate Hungarian experiences and results to the international community as well, while, operating as a “node” in the network of European (and extra-European) professional workshops and studios dealing with related issues, it is trying to “import” into Hungary as much relevant knowledge as possible.

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Full name of the organisation:

Hungarian: BME-UNESCO Információs Társadalom-és Trendkutató Központ (ITTK)
English:BME-UNESCO Information Society Research Institute (ITTK)
Legal status: Independent University Institute
Address:H-1111, Budapest, Sztoczek u. 2-4, I/108, Hungary