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European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC), Germany

The European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) in Aachen, Germany is one of the Microsoft facilities dedicated to research and development in Europe. EMIC is unique to Microsoft in its focus on collaborative applied research and its goal of contributing to European Commission and other public-sector research programs. EMIC is actively involved in more than 25 major European integrated and targeted research projects. Since the start of the lab in April 2003, more than 50 researchers from a dozen different countries have pursued collaborative applied research together with almost 300 partners from industry and academia in Europe. EMIC targets the creation of advanced technologies which could be in the market within three to six years. Thereto we engage actively with Microsoft Research and Microsoft product development groups. Our current activities focus on: security and privacy, mobility and embedded, enterprise, recommender technologies, and software verification.

The security and privacy research at EMIC generally aims at enabling more secure and privacy-respecting interactions across trust boundaries and different environments in a very dynamic and fine-grained way. Specific EMIC security and privacy research topics include: privacy in service compositions; data handling languages; dynamic security and federation for web services; and context-aware information rights management. Research and development was/is carried out and/or validated in the context of multiple EU projects, including: FP5 WiTness, FP6 TrustCoM, FP6 MOSQUITO, FP6 MYCAREVENT, FP6 NextGRID, FP6 eGov-Bus, FP6 SeCSE, FP6 FIDIS, FP7 PrimeLife, and FP7 Consequence.