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AXSionics AG

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AXSionics AG is an Internet security company founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the University of Applied Science Berne. Axsionics provides an e-trust platform which enables service providers and clients to verify their transactions anytime and anywhere in the world. It consists of a software component for the service providers and a user-friendly personal token (AXS-Card) for the clients. The system allows secure access control authentication and transaction verification for all kind of Internet based services. Unlike most conventional solutions, the AXS-Card authentication combines highest level of security and user-friendliness, full mobility and privacy protection, easy deployment and cost effectiveness and enables to aggregate under each user’s private control up to 128 independent services. The AXS-Authentication System is a early realization of a user controlled identity management system which are expected to dominate the Identity management in the future.

The AXSionics solution is based on a change in paradigm for authentication and transaction verification. Traditional systems always rely on centrally stored identifiers to link a person with its digital identity. The AXSionics authentication links a physical person to its digital identity in a decentralized process. It happens only between the individual and a personalized token that holds and encloses all critical information, like biometric data. The token itself guarantees the identity of its holder. It responds with a One-Time-PIN code whenever it is triggered by a hedge message from an Internet Service Provider. The simple challenge response protocol can run over several communication channels that use only freely available data terminals. No additional hardware downloads or sensors are necessary. The concept allows full mobility and immediate roll-out.
AXSionics contributes to FIDIS with contribution about the privacy protecting use of biometrics and with a demonstrator system to show that always and anywhere available secure authentication and full protection of privacy is not a contradiction. The demonstrator consists of the AXS-Card together with the authentication platform integrated in the offer of an OpenID provider. It allows a card owner to proof his identity with a 3-factor authentication at any computer and for any Internet service in the world that accepts OpenID. The same card gives access to many other Internet based value services Within a rapidly growing network of new services providers.

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